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Key to Member Listing Abbreviations

Certification Credentials

Detailed description of each credential type here.

 CSR Certified Shorthand Reporter
 CCR Certified Court Reporter
 RPR Registered Professional Reporter
 RMR Registered Merit Reporter
 RDR Registered Diplomate Reporter
 CRR Certified Realtime Reporter
 CBC Certified Broadcast Captioner
 CCP Certified CART Provider
 CLVS Certified Legal Video Specialist
 CRI Certified Reporter Instructor
 MCRI Master Certified Reporter instructor
 CMRS Certified Manager of Reporting Services
 CPE Certified Program Evaluator
 FCRR Federal Certified Realtime Reporter


 ASSOC Associates Degree
 BBA Bachelors of Business Administration
 BGS Bachelor of General Studies

 Bachelor of Science

Kansas Speed Testing Credentials


Kansas "FASTER" medal:
Literary - 190 wpm
Jury Charge - 220 wpm
Testimony - 240 wpm

 KEAKansas Excellence Award:
Literary - 210 wpm
Legal Opinion - 220 wpm
Testimony - 270 wpm

National Court Reporters Association
Speed Contest Credentials

 SCL Literary - 220 wpm
 SCO Legal Opinion - 230 wpm
 SCT Testimony - 280 wpm
 SCC Champion

Employment Types

 F Freelance Reporter
 O Official Reporter
 O-St Official State
 O-Fed Official Federal
 NR Notereader
 S Scopist
 C Captioner
 T Teacher
 CART Communication Access Real Time Translation

Reporting Specialties

 VT Videotape
 RT Realtime
 BC Broadcast Captioning
 LS Litigation Support
 NT Notary
 VC Video Conferencing
 CR Conference Room

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